About us

We are a team of professionals, in which every lawyer has at least ten years of experience in his field. The Law Firm "S.Davidsons un partneri" was founded in 1994 and is one of the oldest law firms in Latvia. Clients appreciate our practical experience, knowledge, speed of interaction, a wide range of contacts and perseverance with which we solve clients' problems. Each lawyer of the Law Firm works directly with the client’s case, so the client can be sure that his case will not be transferred further along hierarchical levels. The Law Firm provides clients with full-scale legal assistance.

In complex cases, we provide teamwork, when several advocates work on the client’s case at the same time, because this way let us to achieve the best results, and to provide the most successful continuous assistance to the client anytime, anywhere. The Firm has established stable relationships with partners in several countries of the European Union and the Union of Independent States, so we can help to ensure representation of the client's interests in other countries as well. Our partners include the best tax specialists, auditors, corporate finance specialists, appraisers and experts in other areas. In our long-term practice, we have found that there are practically no problems and situations that cannot be solved, since every, even the most difficult problem has its own solution.

Our Firm lawyers give advice to individuals and legal entities, prepare various kinds of legal documents, represent the interests and provide the necessary legal assistance in litigations in all judicial instances, state and local government institutions as well as in relations with subjects of both private and public law.


Sergey Davidson is recognized as one of the most significant and professional attorneys at law who had ever practiced in Latvia.

During his professional activities, Sergey Davidson conducted extensive work in the field of professional training of lawyers, interns, attorneys at law, assistants to attorneys at law. Sergey Davidson made a significant contribution to the study of the culture of judicial speech and issues of professional ethics. Among other things, he participated in the preparation of the publication “Courtroom speeches of attorneys at law”, which is the only such publication on the practice of speaking of Latvian lawyers in court.

From 1948 to 1953, Sergey Davidson received a law degree at the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia; from August 5, 1953, he became an intern at the Latvian SSR Bar Association and began working at Riga legal consultation office No 3. On January 5, 1954, he was admitted to the bar, and from that time until 1961, he worked at Ventspils legal consultation office. In the period from 1961 to 1963, he practiced at Jurmala legal consultation office and from 1963 at Riga legal consultation office No 3.

Attorney at Law
Sergey Davidson
January 4, 1930 -

September 22, 1997

In April 1978, at the general meeting of the Latvian lawyers, Sergey Davidson was elected a member of the Presidium of the Latvian SSR Bar Association. In this status, he was re-elected many times and acted until May 1996 (since 1993, he was on the Council of the Latvian bar association). Since 1962, Sergey Davidson was a member of the methodological advisory council of the bar association, a member of the board of auditors, and participated in organizing conferences for young lawyers of the Baltic republics. In addition, Sergey Davidson was a lecturer in many educational institutions.

On May 21, 1993, according to the Advocacy Law of the Republic of Latvia, Sergey Davidson took an oath and became an attorney at law. On April 26, 1994, he founded the law firm “S.Davidsons un partneri”, where he worked until the end of his days.

Colleagues of Sergei Davidson characterize him as a responsive, conscientious, disciplined person of high culture and ethics, an outstanding performer of professional duties, an excellent speaker. Sergey Davidson received many honours and awards for his work and professional contribution.

In 1997, the management of the law firm was taken over by attorney at law Alexander Ogurtsov, and from 2017, the law firm is headed by attorney at law Daiga Siliņa. Lawyers in the Law Firm “Davidsons un partneri” highly appreciate Sergey Davidsons' contribution to the bar and keep the name and traditions of the Firm created by him. The practicing lawyers in the Law Firm work in compliance with the high professional and ethical standards set by Sergey Davidson.